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This attractive, bustling artisan marketplace was surrounded by unattractive concreted areas that represented myriad challenges. First, it was noted that the parking lot had been constructed on multiple layers of concrete — requiring its removal before the any landscaping could take place. Further, the lack of curbing in the parking lot was allowing excessive water and harmful salt residue to cascade, unimpeded, into the planting beds; also, without curbs, cars could overrun the parking area and enter the planting beds. Finally, the size of the beds wouldn’t accommodate standard sized tree root balls in the parking area.

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Our crews commenced work by demolishing the concrete layers, then using pick axes to break through to the ground below. Once that was accomplished, we needed to come up with an innovative alternative to address the lack of curbing throughout the parking area. We used a combination of equal parts of amended topsoil and pea gravel was used to help insure that the new plantings would be protected from harmful runoff. In addition, the plants were placed toward the middle of the plant beds to mitigate the risk of damage from vehicles. Finally, trees with smaller root balls were located and planted successfully into the small planting beds.

After #1
After #2

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