Centennial Center Park


An exceedingly popular park, the Centennial Center hosts hundreds of human and canine visitors each day — representing an ongoing challenge for the maintenance of the parks lushly landscaped areas. Park management was looking for a landscaping partner that could ensure the preservation of flowerbeds and garden paths, while conducting our maintenance work in an unintrusive and subtle manner, for the welfare of the park’s guests. Adding to the challenge: The park was built over poor soil, which is prone to regular flooding; also, the irrigation system was inadequate to keep up with the watering needs of the landscaping.


Several improvements were proposed to address the noted maintenance issues. 

To ensure minimal disruptions to park visitors, we coordinated scheduling for projects and enhancements during park down times. Identification tags were placed on the plants and flowers within the gardens, both to educate park visitors and to help prevent guests from entering 

these areas. Finally, to combat the drainage issues in the amphitheater and reduce flooding, wetting agents were applied. These agents help break down water molecules and oils, which reduces surface tension, allowing water to seep deeper into the clay.

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