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About us

Delivering maximum value is at the core of Monarch Landscape Companies

Monarch Landscape Companies is continually forming through the merger of longstanding and revered companies: Signature Landscape Services, Northwest Landscape Services, Jensen Landscape, Landsystems, Terracare Associates, The Growing Company, Arrowhead Landscape Services, Texscape Services, True North Landscapes, Environmental Designs, and DynaServ.

Together, Monarch Landscape Companies' experienced team of landscape, irrigation, infrastructure, and hardscape experts are keenly focused on delivering maximum value for its clients, with an unmatched blend of professionalism, simplicity, experience, excellence, and consistency.

our commitments

We practice safety 24/7, every day of the year

We believe in a proactive approach to mitigating risks and job-site hazards, which is why every Monarch Landscape Companies' associate participates in extensive safety training before setting foot in the field.

We gather together each week to review safe operating practices, to share the latest developments in Safety, and to recognize our teammates’ achievements in Safety.

Examples of Monarch Landscape Companies' safety practices include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Uniformed personnel with safety vests with a company logo, gloves, safety glasses and name badges worn at all times.
    • Best management practices
    • Proper traffic control measures
    • Reporting and mitigating hazardous issues on an ongoing basis
our commitments

We strive to be good corporate citizens every day and on every job

We define our commitment to sustainability as a passion for nurturing outdoor environments – not only now – but for future generations.

As an outdoor maintenance company, it is of utmost importance to operate in a responsible and thoughtful way to create a beautiful, healthy, respectful and safe environment on our jobs and in our community.

The North City reclamation installation project with the City of San Diego reduced turf by 80% to transform property into a drought tolerant landscape. The unique xeriscape design theme resembles an ocean bottom without the use of water.

our commitments

Monarch Landscape Companies partners with customers to protect our earth’s most precious resources

Landscape irrigation accounts for the use of more than seven billion gallons of water daily. We believe water is a precious commodity and encourage our clients to evaluate water savings.

Water conservation and clean water runoff is beyond a practice, it’s a responsibility. We believe that as industry leaders we must walk the talk and practice water conservation and protection every day.

As a company, we have committed to this for decades. Our approach incorporates the latest water conservation technologies and establishes industry guidelines to identify problem areas within a customers' irrigation and landscape systems.

water management planning:
We can help you create a water management plan and install and maintain accordingly to conserve precious water and reduce your costs

technology and certified:
We can help you create a water management plan, installations and maintenance to provide a strategy for conserving precious water and reducing costs. Monarch’s customers have saved thousands of dollars through a commitment and partnership to manage water usage and implement best practices in water management.


Our Roots

Monarch Landscape Companies logo
True North Sustainable landscape management logo
founded in 2002
Joined Monarch in 2024
Environmental Designs Logo
founded in 1989
Joined Monarch in 2023
Arrowhead landscape services logo
founded in 2004
Joined Monarch in 2022
The Growing Company Logo
founded in 1988
Joined Monarch in 2021
Terracare Associates logo
founded in 1985
The division of American Civil Constructors (ACC) and Terracare (2009)
Joined Monarch in 2017
Jensen Landscape logo
founded in 1969
Joined Monarch in 2016
Signature Landscape Services, LLC Logo
founded in 1995
Joined Monarch in 2015
A digital drawing of a tree branch
Premiere lawn service.INC. Logo
founded in 1997
Joined Monarch in 2023
founded in 2010
Joined Monarch in 2022
Sunrise Landscape Logo
founded in 2014
Joined Monarch in 2022
First Impressions Landscaping Logo
founded in 2010
Joined Monarch in 2020
Monarch Tree Services Logo
founded in 2017
Joined Monarch in 2017
Landsystems logo
founded in 1969
Joined Monarch in 2016
NLS Northwest Landscape services Logo
founded in 1990
Joined Monarch in 2016
OUR expertise

Most recent awards & honorable mentions

  • 2020 National Association of Landscape Professionals Award winner
  • 2019 National Association of Landscape Professionals Award winner
  • 2019 Association of Landscape Contractors of Colorado winner
  • 2018 National Association of Landscape Professionals Award winner
  • 2017 APWA national accreditation
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