Tree Services

If you are seeking out the help
of an arborist, a tree care professional who not only prunes and trims trees but also performs additional services, Monarch Landscape Companies
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Though your trees and shrubs are an important part of your property’s landscape, but they may not be receiving the care they need to stay healthy and looking their best year-round. If you’re looking to boost your trees health consider working with a local tree care professional.


Arbor Care Services

If you want to keep the trees on your property healthy and strong, it’s important to schedule commercial tree care regularly. Here’s what to expect when you schedule an appointment with Monarch Landscape Companies to meet your tree services commercial needs.

  • Tree Inspection
  • Raising
  • Preventative Care &
    Technical Pruning

Municipal Services

  • Reduction
  • Structural Pruning
  • Canopy Thinning
  • Trunk Injection Technology
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Reasons to Trim and Prune Your Trees?

Tree pruning and trimming are necessary to ensure:

  • A tree's appearance
  • A tree's health
  • Safe conditions

How Trimming and Pruning Differ?

Trimming achieves the desired shape and overall appearance of a tree. This tree service can also promote optimum health by reducing branch density that prevents parts of a tree from gaining access to moisture, light and nutrients from the sun. Tree pruning can also provide shape enhancement, but it is primarily necessary to remove diseased branches, prevent branches from growing into each other, and encourage flowers and fruits.

Are There Optimum Times To Trim and Prune Trees?

Trimming can happen once or twice per year to achieve your desired appearance; however, pruning must occur at specific times according to the species. For example, arborist trim spring-blooming trees mid-summer after their blooming cycle. On the other hand, summer fruit and flower-bearing trees benefit from winter or spring pruning.

When Might an Arborist Recommend Tree Removal?

Arborists recommend removing trees with extensive trunk damage or vast areas of dead branches and roots because they are not stable and pose safety hazards. Contact us to learn more about how our landscape services can enhance your property's value.  

Monarch Tree Services

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