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Enhancement Services

Monarch offers enhancements, renovations and restoration for your commercial property's landscape. We will help with designing and building displays, adding seasonal color, maintaining hardscapes and providing turf conversion services. We assist our clients with landscape construction including; excavation, lighting, erosion control and reclamation.

Increased Property Values

A well-landscaped property will almost always have greater monetary value than one with poorly-designed, overgrown, or poorly-maintained surroundings. On the one hand, the simple aesthetic value of flowers, trees, shrubs, and water features adds unique value to a property. With perennial and tree species, this value may be able to reliably sustain itself in the long-term.

On a more health-oriented level, it has been demonstrated that residential and commercial properties in areas with more trees have higher value, at least in part due to the quality-of-life benefits of these landscape enhancements.

Distinct Environmental Benefits

As suggested above, landscape enhancements offer ecological benefits that are good for people, animals, and the surrounding environment of your commercial property. Trees cool the air, produce oxygen, provide shade, and help with water retention. Aside from creating a more enjoyable physical space, the cooling effect of trees may lower air conditioning costs in the summer, and their water retention features can help significantly with erosion and overflow from severe storms.

Related property enhancements — like retaining wall gardens, fountains, and well-designed drainage systems — can also help in dealing with heavy precipitation events, which are increasingly common across much of the country.

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