Pruning Plants and Plant Your Trees This Fall

If you need to prune your trees, or you want to plant some new trees on your property, fall is the perfect time for tree maintenance when you live in environments that get scorching hot in the summer. The milder temperatures in fall and winter in these climates allow trees and shrubs to heal and grow before they must cope with the blazing temperatures again.  

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Pruning in Fall

When you prune a tree, you want to accomplish two primary goals: remove hazardous branches and encourage growth. Branches and limbs that are diseased or dead should be removed. These can create a safety hazard for people, cause property damage and inhibit tree growth. Pruning these branches is also healthier for the tree. If your bush or tree is too full, it can prevent sunlight from reaching through the branches. When pruning is done right, it allows more sunlight through, encourages growth and reduces the need for pesticides.

Planting in Fall

When the temperatures don’t drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, tree roots will still grow. In areas that experience mild winter weather, you can plant trees in the fall. In doing so, the trees have plenty of time to establish their roots before they must cope with the summer heat and dryer weather.

Choosing Trees for Your Property

Trees and shrubs are good additions to your property’s landscape, but you need to make sure you select the right ones for your environment. Consulting with professional landscapers doesn’t just provide you with great aesthetics; it can also prevent you from wasting time and money on the wrong trees. A knowledgeable landscaper will help you determine which trees are most suitable based on:

•        Your preferences in tree type and function

•        Whether the tree fits in the desired location when it reaches maturity

•        Tree care needs

•        Soil type and condition

At Monarch Landscaping Companies, we’ll work with you to create a healthy and beautiful landscape, with trees you’ll enjoy for years. Contact us today for help with your landscaping needs.