Economic Changes and Your Business Goals

As we move into an updated economy in 2022, what can we expect to see? Will gas prices remain high? Will labor shortages continue to impact every industry? Right now, it is just a guessing game.

What is not a guessing game is how Monarch will partner with you as we navigate through this new economic trend together. Our business development team, project managers and area managers understand your property and are here to support you as the seasons and economies change. We are here to understand how your business is impacted and how we can further develop our business partnership.

Monarch Landscape Companies has actions in place to help mitigate the changes we are all experiencing in this economy. Our mission is simple; Ensure every Monarch landscape helps customers differentiate their property in a way that positively impacts their business goals. Commit to become the best place to work as a landscape professional. Grow profitability and invest in our shared values.

Your Business Goals

From Commercial Real Estate to Homeowner’s Associations, we all have goals. Some may be to create a welcoming entrance and tree-lined respite for employee’s; while HOA’s are more focused on quality of life for residents and providing landscaping that is safe and suitable for all residents. Or your goals may be strictly financial and focused on cost savings, our managers are ready to listen to your goals. We are ready to walk your property, listen to your business needs and help you make thoughtful updates or changes that suit your landscape needs. As the changing economy affects your business, we are here to partner with you.

Best place to work

With the flux of changes in the labor market, we are focused on keeping our crews safe, satisfied and encourage career progression. We are focusing on a Retention First Strategy including Training & Development Programs, Employee Engagement, and Increased Wages. Monarch Landscape is pleased to see our new hire turnover is below 20%. Our employees accredit this to our safety program and quality of life that our teams experience.

Your peace of mind

Understanding your business goals, better positions Monarch to assess and surpass your landscape goals. Our teams will continue to focus on implementing quality assessments, site walks, and schedule operations updates to you and your properties. If you have any questions on how we can best maximize your landscape budget, please reach out your Area Manager, Project Manager, or Service & Operations Support.