Celebrating Biodiversity: The Role of Commercial Landscaping in Sustainability and Climate Action

The below article was written by Fabián Sanin, Monarch Landscape's Regional Project Manager for Sustainability and Nature Experiences.

On this International Day for Biodiversity, I feel fortunate to be part of an industry that can positively impact our environment. Sustainably designing and maintaining commercially built landscape environments can significantly impact curbing climate change and can act as ecological corridors that connect to larger natural areas.

Incorporating biodiversity into commercial landscapes is a strategic approach that serves multiple functional, aesthetic, economic, and ecological purposes, making it a wise choice for sustainable property management. Diverse plantings in commercial landscapes help recreate ecosystem functions, such as air and water purification, carbon sequestration, and temperature regulation. Each species plays a role in these ecological processes, enhancing overall environmental health and habitat.

Landscapes with a natural balance of species often require less maintenance in terms of pest control, fertilization, and maintenance, reducing overall costs. Healthy and lush green spaces are highly valued in commercial settings, increasing property values and attractiveness to clients, customers, and employees. As a landscape company we are responsible for cultivating healthy landscapes not just for our clients but for the community in general. These properties can be a catalyst to connect people to nature and overall create a pocket ecosystem.