A Partnership You Can Trust

A Partnership You Can Trust

At Monarch Landscape Companies every employee knows our goal with clients, maximize value for your landscape budget. All of our managers and crews work to simplify your life with timely delivery on your scope of work, clear consistent communications, and proactive property improvement recommendations. When our crews understand your business and property goals, we can dive into action to support your goals.

Outdoor Spaces

Many of our clients are turning to their outdoor spaces to help generate revenue or increase guest engagement. Our teams are here to help you with a landscape assessment and better understand your business needs. We can support with plant selection, irrigation and installation; where available, the heavy construction can be addressed by our landscape development teams. As teams migrate back to the in-office environment, outdoor meeting and hangout spaces may become more important to your teams. We can help with that.

Drought Tolerant Solutions

As most of the pacific and southwest states are faced with decreased water use; many building owners are looking to change out their landscaping for material is more drought tolerant. Our team of horticulturalists can help you with creating thoughtful spaces that attract wildlife while decreasing your water consumption. Irrigation is also a specialty that can bead dressed within your landscape. Perhaps there are areas of overwatering and systems that are dated that our teams can take a closer look at for you. Both irrigation and simple changes in plant selection can help decrease your water spend without any impact on guest enjoyment.

Depth of Team

No matter your landscaping needs, Monarch Landscape has a team that can help you address your everchanging business needs. Our managers specialize in field productivity and keeping on top of activities as the horticultural calendar progresses through the year. We are focused on learning how landscape drives value for our customers. Many team members are horticulturalists who diagnose, plan, and improve the landscape experience for you, your guests, tenants or residents.

Profile of Success

Based in Santa Clara, California. Nvidia designs graphics processing units for gaming and professional markets, as well as system of chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market. The corporate office is spread across two campuses with a crew of three onsite gardeners four days a week.

Project Manager Eva Sarracco and Area Manager Lorenzo Contreras manage all landscape maintenance and  specialty services through our  Landscape Asset Management Plans (LAMP). This landscape maintenance business approach holistically address a clients property portfolio and multi-year budget planning.  

Landscape Asset Planning (LAMP) is essential for this two-campus client.

•       Monthly property walk with client, AM and PM

•       Review recommendations for enhancements

•       Three-year tree care plan

•       Quarterly bio-swell and diversion reporting.

•       Monthly full system irrigation check –this best practice ensures that the client stays proactive of potential issues

Landscape is of the utmost importance to the employee experience at Nvidia, hand pruning many areas and ensuring that the pedestrian entrance is kept neat and tight is of importance to the teams. The Monarch Landscape team worked closely with the on-site manager to replace unsuccessful growth materials to ensure a drought tolerant and beautiful entry year-round.

Let’s Partner

As your landscape needs grow and change, you need a partner you can trust. We welcome the opportunity to get to know your property. Our team of professionals are available for a Landscape Assessment of to help you and your team understand how Monarch Landscape Companies work to deliver maximum value of your landscape budget.